Complaints about a food business

We can investigate:

  • Evidence or sightings of pests such as rats, mice or cockroaches in food or businesses
  • Poor levels of cleanliness in kitchens, storerooms and food service areas
  • Poor food handling practices and personal hygiene of staff
  • Illness associated with food consumed from a Dartford food business
  • Poor maintenance of the kitchen or equipment
  • Unregistered food businesses

We will not investigate:

  • Poor quality food or bad service
  • Overcharging or pricing issues
  • Complaints related to food businesses outside our borough, please contact that Local Authority
  • Dirty customer toilets
  • Dirty plates, glasses and cutlery
  • Delayed or cold takeaway deliveries
  • Food handlers handling money
  • Rude Staff

To make a complaint about a business in the Dartford Borough selling food please complete the online food hygiene complaint form.

Alternatively you can phone Dartford Council on 01322 343434 during normal office hours.