Most property occupiers will at some time wish to make changes to their home. Often where improvements are being carried out by the property occupier, this work will take place in the evenings or at weekends.

The Environmental Protection Team considers that, where works are being undertaken by the property occupier, they will normally constitute DIY. However, in certain circumstances, where extensive renovation of a property is expected to last several months or works are exceptionally noisy, Officers may determine that the work is construction and the hours or work should be restricted.

How to minimise disruption from DIY activities:

  • Try to keep noisy activities such as hammering, drilling and using power tools to a minimum - Avoid doing such works late in the evening or early in the morning. Hired equipment is often similar to that used by professional builders and can be very noisy
  • Keep your neighbour informed- Most complaints can be avoided if neighbours discuss proposed works in advance. You should advise your neighbours of the intended timescales and potential impact of the work
  • Avoid working during sensitive times- Most people will be less tolerant of noise in the evenings and on Sundays and Bank Holidays. You may also wish to consider delaying work if your neighbour has visitors
  • When working on a party wall, ceiling or floor be aware that noise will be amplified in your neighbours property
  • Ensure that your radio is played at a reasonable volume- if you are playing music whilst you work be aware that this could also cause a disturbance. Do not increase the volume to be audible over tools being used
  • If you are intending to undertake a lot of work on your property, try to ensure that noisy work is interspaced with less disturbing works to give your neighbour a break

The neighbour may be unaware of the problems they are causing you. If you feel you are able to do so, you should talk to them regarding the noise disturbances you are experiencing before contacting the Council.

Making a complaint:

The Environmental Protection Team can investigate complaints where noise from DIY is very disturbing, continues for long periods, or occurs late in the evening or early in the morning. We cannot do anything about short term disturbances cause by your neighbour doing reasonable renovation to their property, even if it is annoying.

We will normally telephone you to talk about the problem. We will then contact the person responsible and may request that you complete diary sheets or use our Noise App before we begin a formal investigation.