Annual safety checks - keeping you safe:

Yearly safety checks are carried out on all council owned gas appliances to make sure that they are in a safe condition. The checks include:

Faulty appliances can cause explosions and can give off poisonous carbon monoxide fumes. The Council has a legal duty to make sure all of its gas appliances are checked every year by certified gas engineers.

Council tenants have a legal duty to allow council staff into their homes to carry out these annual checks. If access to a property is not permitted the Council are within their rights to take legal action.

Fully qualified gas engineers from TSG Services are on hand to fix and maintain the 4,400 gas appliances in council homes across the borough.

They handle repairs on council owned central heating systems, boilers and gas fires. They also handle repairs to council owned and installed cookers in Supported Housing schemes.Tenants are asked:

  • To let council engineers into their homes to carry out annual safety checks
  • To report to TSG Services any problems with appliances or gas leaks at once
  • To report major gas leaks to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999
  • To be very cautious about buying second-hand gas appliances and always buy from a reputable company
  • Not to reduce or block the ventilation to gas appliances
  • Not to block gas flues or chimneys
  • Be alert for any signs of carbon monoxide leaks which include; your boiler pilot light frequently dies out, gas flames on appliances such as cookers are yellow or orange instead of blue, you can see soot or a scorched appearance on gas appliances, there is excessive condensation on your windows

Do not carry out any 'do-it-yourself' work to any gas appliances. Leave it to the experts - apart from being very dangerous, you could also be breaking the law.

It is also advisable to run your heating for a short while every month during the summer to ensure it remains working ready for the winter.

If you have any queries or want to report a repair need to council owned gas appliances, contact the Housing Repairs team on 01322 343800 and select option 1 to be connected to TSG Services.