Dartford Borough Council is here to support Ukrainian citizens.
Dartford Borough Council is here to support Ukrainian citizens.

Dartford Borough Council is here to support Ukrainian citizens in the Borough who wish to help loved ones fleeing from Russia’s devastating invasion.

Рада міста Дартфорд пропонує підтримку громадянам України у Дартфорді, котрі хочуть допомогти своїм близьким, які рятуються від нищівного вторгнення Росії.  У відповідь на цю гуманітарну кризу Рада може запропонувати практичну підтримку, включаючи фінансову допомогу. Ви не повинні залишатися сам-на-сам із цими важкими часами. Будь ласка, зверайтеся до нас електронною поштою на адресу: supportukraine@dartford.gov.uk 

Джеремі Кайт. Голова Ради.

Совет города Дартфорд предлагает поддержку гражданам Украины в Дартфорде, которые хотят помочь своим близким, спасающимся от сокрушительного вторжения России. В ответ на этот гуманитарный кризис Совет может предложить практическую поддержку, включая финансовую помощь. Вы не должны оставаться наедине с этими трудными временами. Пожалуйста, обращайтесь к нам по электронной почте на адрес: supportukraine@dartford.gov.uk 

Джереми Кайт, Председатель Совета.

Dartford Borough Council is here to support Ukrainian citizens in the Borough who wish to help loved ones fleeing from Russia’s devastating invasion.  The Council can offer practical support, including financial assistance, in response to this humanitarian crisis. You do not need to face this difficult time alone. Please do make contact with us by emailing supportukraine@dartford.gov.uk 

Jeremy Kite. Leader of the Council. 

Further information on the Homes for Ukraine scheme, along with support for Ukrainians and potential hosts, is being shared by Kent County Council here.

Full details of information and support are available on the Government's website by clicking here

Our Welcome to Dartford pack is available to read in English and Ukrainian here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

щоб прочитати це українською мовою, будь ласка, натисніть тут.

чтобы прочитать это на русском языке, пожалуйста, нажмите здесь.

I'm a Dartford resident, what can I do to help?

If you wish to offer your home and be matched with a displaced person, please register under the Homes for Ukraine scheme here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/homes-for-ukraine-scheme-frequently-asked-questions

If you wish to offer support in other ways, there are a number of charities providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

The Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine appeal is accepting donations and has already raised more than £100million.

The British Red Cross is also accepting donations.

More information on volunteer work will be shared here as it becomes available.

What is there for my children to do over the summer holidays?

Fairfield Leisure Centre is offering sessions at a discounted price to help local children in receipt of free school dinners or with SEN needs have fun, engage in sports and regain their confidence. Find out more here.

Play Place runs community activities for children and young people across Dartford all year round. Further details are available by clicking here.

Over the summer holidays Play Place is running the Dartford Youth Summer Programme. Activities take place at different locations on the following days:


August 1st, 8th and 15th at Bean Recreation Ground – 4pm to 7pm.


Knockhall Park, Swanscombe – 6pm to 8pm.


Stone Recreation Ground – 4pm to 7pm


Stone Pavilion Youth Club – 6.15pm to 9.15pm.

Daily football sessions are also running at Dartford FC between 3pm and 4pm Monday to Friday.

I’d like to sign up for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, but don’t know any Ukrainians by name, is there an organisation that helps set this up?

Reset UK is providing a match making service for the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Their website can be found here.

I’ve registered my interest in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme but haven’t had a reply, who can I contact?

After you register your interest in becoming a host for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, Kent County Council will contact you to start a DBS check for every adult that lives in your home (not the arriving displaced people).

If you have further questions for Kent County Council, please contact ukraine@kent.gov.uk.

How can I make Ukrainians arriving at my home feel welcome?

HealthProm, a UK based charity that helps support vulnerable people, has put together a guide that Homes for Ukraine hosts may find useful to help arriving families feel more at home.

It is available to download in English, Ukrainian and Russian by clicking here.

A YouTube channel called "English With Ukrainians" has been made available: it's a free resource. Ukrainian translators have translated lessons and discussed linguistic/cultural differences. There are also activities that are suitable for host families to do with Ukrainian guests.


Some may find the "cultural gaps" (lesson 3) especially useful.

My family has arrived from Ukraine, how can they access their one-off £200 payment?

If arrivals are entitled to a £200 subsistence cost under the rules of the scheme, this payment will be issued by Kent County Council.

I’m a Homes for Ukraine host, when will I start to receive my monthly £350 payment?

Once DBS and home checks are completed, Kent County Council will send the £350 payment a month in arrears.

I am a Ukrainian resident in Dartford and am bringing my family over through the extended family scheme – what support can I access?

Dartford Borough Council is here to support Ukrainian citizens in the Borough who are housing their families from Ukraine. The Council can offer practical support, including financial assistance, in response to this humanitarian crisis.  Please do make contact with us by emailing supportukraine@dartford.gov.uk and give details of the support you are looking for.

I have just arrived in the borough, how do I register with a GP and/or get my children into a local school?

Kent County Council is responsible for finding and assigning school places in Dartford.

To find a classroom for your child, please visit the link below:


To register with your local GP, visit:


If you have difficulty in registering with a GP practice or would like advice on which practice covers your address then please ring 01634 335095 Option 6, or email Kmccg.primarycare@nhs.net

Where can we access English language lessons?

Kent Adult Education offer a range of courses to support learning English. Most of these are FREE.

Visit www.kentadulteducation.co.uk or call 03000 41 22 22 and ask to speak about English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) lessons.

A special section for Ukrainian learners has been created on the website at the following link: https://www.kentadulteducation.co.uk/about-us/contact-us/ Learners should select from the ‘Please select who your message is for’ dropdown ‘Ukrainians applying for ESOL courses’. We will see what class is best for you and find you a place to learn. We have many courses all over Kent.

The courses on offer are:

• Cambridge EFL

• Trinity ESOL from pre-Entry to L2

• Trinity SELT*

• Preparation for OET (Nurses)

• Functional Skills & GCSEs

• Integration into British Society

Great resources can also be found for learners to use here:





You can access other resources to help you learn English at your local library.

I have recently arrived in Dartford, what support is there to help me settle in?

Dartford Borough Council has put together a Welcome Pack to help you settle in to the borough and get to grips with things like public transport, health, education and local services.

It is available to download by clicking here.

Places Leisure, which runs Fairfield Leisure Centre in Dartford, has offered all Ukrainian arrivals three months free Premium membership, with four junior memberships included. Premium membership gives access to the centre's gym and swimming pool, along with fitness classes. All those eligible should have received a letter inviting them to sign up. 

Kent County Council has put together a Welcome Pack, with information available to view here.

Click here to view the Government's welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

If you have any further questions, please email supportukraine@dartford.gov.uk or call 01322 34 34 34.

Published: 28th March 2022