View the evidence that supports the PCN and PAY or APPEAL

Reasons not considered for PCN cancellation include:

  • Getting change for a pay-and-display (P and D) ticket. A cashless parking service is provided for all P and D parking places
  • Passenger vehicles using 'Goods vehicles loading only' bays. A 'goods vehicle' is registered as a 'Category N' vehicle (N1, N2 or N3 most often) on the DVLA issued V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • 'Parking' or 'waiting' on a 'No loading' regulation (double or single kerb markings)
  • Blue Badge use on regulations it does not exempt the vehicle from, such as 'No loading' regulations or in bays designated for specific users including 'Permit holder only', 'Goods vehicle loading only' and 'Loading only' bays
  • The use of a Blue Badge which has expired

Refer to the Department for Transport's publications of The Highway Code and Know your traffic signs before making a 'challenge' or 'representation' to the serving of a PCN or NtO (Notice to Owner) to ensure your vehicle was parked in accordance with the rules and regulations of the highway. Blue Badge Holders should read the Department for Transport's Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England booklet which will have been issued with the Blue Badge because it states where and how it can be used.

All cases will be considered on their individual circumstances. The Council, as the Enforcement Authority, may re-offer the fourteen day discount period for a 'challenge' received within fourteen days beginning with the date on which the PCN was served, should the challenge be rejected.

The Parking Penalty Enforcement Process details the actions undertaken by the Council and the action required by the registered vehicle owner at each stage of the PCN Process.

What happens if no payment or challenge is made

If the penalty charge is not paid on or before the end of the 28 day period, beginning with the date the PCN was issued, or successfully challenged, the Enforcement Authority may serve a Notice to Owner (NtO) on the owner of the vehicle