The Council prides itself on being a ‘leafy borough’ meaning it has a good canopy coverage. The Council will only review trees that are on its land - generally parks and open spaces. Trees adjacent to roads are responsibility of Kent County Council. Trees that may be causing issues or are near to your property boundary, will be inspected on request by staff from the Councils parks team to ascertain what works, if any, are needed. Tree works will only usually be undertaken on the grounds of Health and Safety. The Council does not carry out work to trees for aesthetically pleasing reasons or for reduced light. The Council will not remove leaves and twigs that have fallen on to private land and no tree will be removed to prevent this from happening. Many of the trees in the borough have Tree Preservation Orders on them (TPO’s) - this means that they are protected from any wilful damage such as felling, lopping, uprooting and topping without permission from the Council. 

Unfortunately we are not responsible for trees and hedges on private land. These are usually the responsibility of the owner of that land. Council staff will try and  give limited advice or assistance where possible, without legal liability.

We are also NOT RESPONSIBLE  for trees and hedges that on verges next to a road.

If you would like further information on Trees and Hedges, please visit our Trees and Hedges page.

If you would like to report a tree maintenance issue  for a tree you believe belongs to Dartford Council, please choose from the options below.

General tree/vegetation problem report form