Examination of the Dartford Local Plan:

Following submission to the Secretary of State of the Plan in December 2021, an independent Planning Inspector was appointed to conduct an Examination in Public. The Examination has progressed to the stage of Stage 2 hearings (held November 2022), and an additional public hearing session is due to be rescheduled on Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.  Further information is available on the Local Plan Examination Webpage.

Unparished CIL Projects:

For the latest on local community projects within part of Dartford see Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) unparished area funding.

Stone Neighbourhood Plan:

The Stone Neighbourhood Plan was formally 'made' by Dartford Borough Council on 21st July 2022.  This means that it is has been completed and is now part of the adopted development plan for the borough: Stone Neighbourhood Plan Examination webpage.

Your contact information/interest in our consultations:

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For further information on any these topics please contact Dartford Planning Policy using the contact form or by phoning 01322 343213.