As part of our candidate application and recruitment process, we collect, process and store personal information about you. Most of the personal information we hold about you is provided by you.

Processing activity - we will process personal information relating to:

  • assessing and progressing your application
  • assessing your suitability (skills, strengths, behaviours for the role)
  • pre-employment screening (activities needed to complete the on-boarding and screening process should your application be successful)

Information requirements - our processing activities may include:

  • name
  • address
  • telephone and email
  • date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • CV, resumes and/or application forms
  • employment history
  • academic and professional qualifications, training records and other compliance requirements
  • diversity (ie: gender. ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation )
  • nationality
  • previous disciplinary
  • previous sickness absence
  • marital status
  • religion
  • interview (face to face, telephone or video)
  • behavioural assessments (such as a role play, group exercise or presentation)
  • technical assessments
  • county court judgements
  • visa/right to work permit/passport and/or driving licence details
  • signature
  • photographs and images from recorded assessments or from on-site CCTV
  • records/results of pre- employment checks, including criminal record checks (DBS), credit and fraud checks
  • health information
    Lawful basis - our lawful basis for processing your personal information is that it necessary for the performance of a contract between you and us or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract
    Reasons for processing - some of the information that is collected and shared is classified as:
  • special category personal data;
  • criminal convictions and offences (including alleged offences).
    This is processed where it is necessary for the purposes of carrying out our obligations and exercising our specific rights in the field of employment. We have a Data Protection Policy that sets out how this information will be handled.
    Data sharing - your personal information may be shared with and/or obtained from:
  • Jobsgopublic ATS - the providers of our candidate application tracking system
  • employees who have managerial responsibility for you or are acting on their behalf
  • employees in HR who have responsibility for certain HR processes (for example recruitment, assessment, pre-employment screening)
  • organisations who provide candidate interview and assessment services to us
  • uCheck (Disclosure and Barring Service)
  • academic institutions (universities, colleges, etc.) to validate information you provide
  • previous employers from whom we may obtain a reference

We may rely on a number of exemptions, which allow us to share information without needing to comply with all the rights and obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018. Please refer to the Kent and Medway Information Agreement for further details on our sharing arrangements.

Retention period - we keep your personal information for the minimum period necessary. The information outlined in this Privacy Notice will be kept for one year for unsuccessful applications or in the case of a successful application leading to employment, six years from the date of file closure although certain information may need to be kept for a longer period to comply with legislative requirements. All information will be held securely and disposed of confidentially.

Anonymisation - your personal information may be converted ('anonymised') into statistical or aggregated data in such a way that ensures that you cannot be identified from it. Aggregated data cannot, by definition, be linked back to you as an individual and may be used to conduct research and analysis, including the preparation of statistics for use in our reports.

Changes to this Privacy Notice - we review this Privacy Notice regularly and will place updates on our website.

Please refer to our Corporate Privacy Notice for further details of how we process your personal information and for details on your additional rights.

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