Is there a charge for the Street Naming and Numbering service:

Yes, there is a charge applied to all Street Naming and Numbering functions. A list of the charges can be found here - Fees

Why does my address not show up on my SatNav:

Mapping providers only update their data every six months so new addresses take some time to appear. You will also need to ensure you update the software on your own device regularly.

The SatNav is leading me to the wrong part of the road to where I want to go:

Most SatNavs are only accurate to approximately 100 metres of the central point of the postcode area which gives for a small margin of error when locating properties.

My service provider says my address isn't listed, why is this:

Most service providers (satellite/cable providers, delivery services, utility companies etc) use the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) as their main address database. If your property is a new build, it could be that Royal Mail have not activated the address in their system yet or the service provider has not got the most up to date copy of PAF.

Can I add a name to my house:

Yes. You can do this by visiting this page - Amending My Address.

The Local Authority are the only people who can amend your address, with the exception of Royal Mail in regards to the postcode.  There may be private companies that claim to be able to process the request for you but it may be more cost effective and efficient to contact the Local Authority directly rather than through a third-party organisation.

Can I use a name instead of a number on my house:

No. You can use a name in conjunction with the number but not in place of it. This is following the British Standard for Addressing (BS7666).

Why is my road name what it is:

Most road names have a historical link to the Borough or to people connected to the Borough. If your road was named during or after 2004, you can find the reasoning behind the name choice via our website. Follow the link below then click 'Search Committee Documents' on the right-hand side. In the search box type the first part of your road name (for example, Hardy) and select 'Cabinet' under the Committee type. This should bring up all the results for that search. Under 'Street Naming and Numbering' you should find the report which details the background to the name.

Click here to visit our Committee Documents pages

For streets named prior to 2004 or if you can't find the details for your road, please email or write to the Property Information team who will try to help you.

Can I apply to change the name of my road:

No. Renaming and renumbering roads are only done on extremely rare occasions such as confusion over the street name, the road being subject to a stopping up order or new properties are built on the street and there is no logical way to incorporate the new addresses.

Can I suggest a street name even though I am not actually developing anything:

Yes. Please email or write to the Property Information team with your suggestion. It is important that you attach supporting evidence explaining why the proposed name has a Borough connection and where in the Borough it is most suited to. Please refer to the Street Naming and Numbering Guidance notes on suitable names. We cannot guarantee that the name will be chosen but the details will be kept on file for if a suitable road scheme or development is proposed in that area.

My door number is considered to be unlucky, can I change it:

No. Door numbers are not changed due to superstitious or cultural beliefs

Will the Council ever change my address without a request from me:

On rare occasions, the Council may need to change existing addresses. We don't make changes unless we absolutely have to as we understand the inconvenience it will cause. If such a situation arises, we will discuss it with you fully before any changes are made.

Royal Mail have changed my postcode. Are they allowed to do this:

Yes. Dartford Borough Council have no control over postcodes. If you have a query about this, please visit this page - Postcode Information

The street nameplate is missing / has been damaged. How can I get a new one:

Please complete the online report form

If you have any other questions which aren't answered within the SNN Webpages, please contact the Property Information team who will try to help you.