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Council Tax Discounts and Disregards

30 Aug 2019 4:22pm

If there is only one person aged 18 or over in your home you can get a single person discount. This means that you get 25% off your bill. This only applies to your main home, where you live. You can't get it for a second home.  To apply for a single person discount please contact us.

Some people aren't counted for council tax. If there are people in your home who aren't counted, it may also mean that you can get a discount. If only one person is counted, you will get 25% off your bill. If no-one is counted, you will get 50% off your bill.

These people aren't counted for Council Tax, provided we have proof of their circumstances:

If you think you may qualify for a discount please contact us.

If you have a vacant property you may be able to get money off your bill. For Council Tax purposes 'vacant' means unoccupied and substantially unfurnished. More information on empty properties and second homes.