Name: Pollution
Description: Air quality, Noise, Contaminated Land, Prescribed Processes


The Environmental Health team oversee a wide range of factors that have an effect on the local area.

They are responsible for monitoring of the various situations and initiating procedures or remedies to manage the situation.

  • Air quality

    The team monitor the quality of the local air , produce reports indicating the levels of emissions and introduce plans to improve or maintain air quality.

  • Noise and Other Nuisances

    The team investigate complaints about noise, odour, smoke and dust, that are affecting you in your home.

  • Contaminated Land

    The team endeavour to examine the land within the Borough and identify any areas of contamination.

  • Prescribed Processes

    Local industrial or business activities that emit substances in to the air, water or land may require authorisation from either the Council or the Environment Agency. The team will visit the sites to check compliance of the conditions.

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