Name: Noise Nuisance
Description: Noise Nuisance

Noise Nuisance

Noise is part of everyday life and there is an expectation that, from time to time, we will all be disturbed by noise in our environment. We must all be tolerant of noise which occurs from normal everyday activities, that is of limited duration, is caused by poor sound insulation between properties or is from a lawful or permitted activity.

Common types of noise complaint

We cannot deal with the following problems:

Making a complaint

Where a noise complaint results from a neighbour or business behaving unreasonably, the Environmental Protection Team can investigate and, if a breach of relevant legislation is confirmed take action to resolve the complaint.

We will normally telephone you to talk about the problem.  We will then contact the person responsible and may request that you complete diary sheets PDF, 299.75 KB before we begin a formal investigation.

We are unable to investigate anonymous complaints and it is necessary for the source of the noise to have been identified before you contact the Council.

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