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Waste and Recycling Homepage

25 Mar 2015 1:26pm

Crew collecting bins

Refuse and Recycling Homepage

We hope you find these web pages useful.
We would welcome feedback you have to help us improve the page content.

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  • Link to: Report a problem

    Report a problem

    Report a problem  eg: missed collection, damaged bin/box, missing bin etc.

  • Link to: When is my collection?

    When is my collection?

    Find out about your refuse and recycling collection days

  • Link to: Garden waste scheme

    Garden waste scheme

    What it is, what it costs and why it makes sense to be a part of it.

  • Link to: Special collections

    Special collections

    Bulky Household waste - what we can and can't collect and how much the service costs

  • Link to: Recycling


    Information on what you can recycle and which bin to use.

  • Link to: Everything Else

    Everything Else

    Everything else related to Refuse and Recycling and rubbish removal