The Housing Policy and Development Team aim to deliver an excellent service to residents and internal and external customers. The team are responsible for the development of all the Council's housing related policies and strategies; monitoring local and national housing issues, assessing housing need and working with partners to maximise the supply of affordable housing and manage the Council's own new build programme.

The documents below have been produced by the team and its partners in response to identified housing needs and legislation set by Government:


There are currently no consultations.   


Homelessness Review 2016/2017:

As required by law, the Council has carried out a review of homelessness in the district. The Review and Executive Summary can be found in the document below. The Council has used these findings to develop its 2019-2023 Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Strategy for the Borough. Please see list below for a copy of the Strategy.


A strategy sets out a long term vision and contains actions/targets which are required to achieve that vision. All of the Council's strategies are monitored to ensure that they are meeting their targets, however some are monitored and implemented by multi-agency partnerships too.


A policy sets out what a person can expect from a service.


Dartford Borough Council has signed up to various joint working protocols around housing and homelessness that have been developed or supported by the Kent Housing Group membership. These explain how agencies will work together to respond to both national and local demands upon services provided. For more information, please visit the Kent Housing Group website.

Annual Report:

Housing Research:

Contact Information:

You can contact the Housing Policy and Development Team using the online form: Contact the Housing Policy and Development Team.

Housing Performance:

Performance monitoring is fundamental to identifying how well the Housing Service is doing and where improvements can be made