**Due to essential maintenance, the Local Land Charges Direct portal will be unavailable Tuesday December 5th 2023. Normal service should resume by the next working day. We apologise for any inconvenience caused**

If you are a potential buyer of a property in the Borough of Dartford then you may well be aware that, as part of the conveyancing process, a search against that property is conducted to uncover any restrictions or legal obligations on the building(s) or plot of land.

Data is held and maintained by Dartford Borough Council. Searches can be requested by you or, more usually, through your solicitor.

Dartford Borough Council operates a fully electronic Local Land Charge service. As such we no longer accept cheques or paper copies of the prescribed forms.

This change is being made for the following reasons:

  • Environmental reasons
  • Faster more efficient service

We have a fully integrated portal for submission and return of searches.

Details regarding the Local Land charges direct

The Portal will accept a credit or debit card payment as part of the submission.

Other electronic services such as NLIS and TM are also accepted by the Council.

We are informing of this change in case you need to make any changes to your internal procedures to facilitate this.

Local Land charges direct

Create and account, and submit and receive your searches electronically direct to the Local Land Charges Team

Land searches fees

Current land searches fees

Fees for CON29R data

It is possible for Personal Search Agents to obtain information relating to the CON29R

Submitting a search

To provide our customers with an effective and economical search service, Dartford Borough Council has signed up with electronic search providers

Frequently asked questions - Local Land Charges

Frequently asked questions regarding Land Charge Searches

Useful contacts and information

Local Land Charges touches on many elements this pages provides links to may linked organisations and relevant information

Local authority searches

Information about submitting Local Land Charge Searches

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Information about submitting personal searches

Land Charges Statistics

Simple statistics about the Local Land Charges Service