We are an 'energy conservation authority' under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995.  As such, we are in a position to take measures to improve the energy efficiency of the residential accommodation in our Borough.

In participation with other Kent based local authorities, we are partnering with Southern Gas Networks  (‘SGN’) and OVO (S) Energy Solutions Limited (‘OVO’) (formerly SSE Energy Solutions Ltd), to assist low income and vulnerable residents keep warm in their homes and save money and if eligible, by offering a free gas connection to their property, followed by funding towards first time gas central heating, if their property fulfils Energy Company Obligation requirements.

Heating by gas is much cheaper than by electricity. Whilst a property is being surveyed for first time central heating, other insulation measures will also be reviewed and where applicable, will be arranged too.

Dartford Borough Council is the project lead.

Off gas connections are co-ordinated by Gravesham Borough Council, in liaison with SGN.

First time central heating will be facilitated on our behalf, by OVO.

Processing activity - the information required will depend on whether the works comprise off gas connection and/or first time central heating. OVO’s activities include:

  • site visits at assess first time gas central heating through procured companies
  • assessing the funding levels available for individual properties
  • allocating Energy Company Obligation funds
  • ensuring the funding available from SGN for gas connections and towards first time central heating is used to its full capacity
  • offering residents the opportunity to become OVO customers for gas (with no obligation to commit)
  • allocating Warm Homes Fund (Affordable Warmth Solution Funds), where applicable
  • liaising with us if additional funding for central heating is required, where applicable
  • inviting residents to join the Priority Services Register for utilities and water (with no obligation to commit)
  • liaising with the Council if insulation measures are required at individual properties to be provided through the current Kent Warm Homes approved contractor

Information requirements - Most of the information we hold about you is provided by you.  Processing activities may include:

  • your name, telephone number, email address
  • site address
  • income information
  • benefit information
  • health information
  • date of birth
  • signature
  • property ownership
  • housing/energy costs
  • outcomes of energy/benefit/eligibility checks
  • energy performance certificates
  • surveys

Lawful bases[1] - our lawful bases for processing your personal information are:

[1] Note that we may process your personal information on more than one lawful basis depending on the specific purpose for which we are using your information

UK GDPR Article 6(1)(a) - consent between you and OVO

UK GDPR Article 6(1)(e ) and Data Protection Act 2018, section 8(c) - that it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of our official authority pursuant to the:

  • Home Energy Conservation Act 1995
  • Warm Homes Energy Conservation Act 2000
  • Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012
  • Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (April 2016)
  • sections 35 and 36 of the Digital Economy Act 2017 and the Digital Government (Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2018

UK GDPR Article 9(2)(g), as supplemented by DPA 2018, section 10(3) and Schedule 1, Part 2, paras. 6(1) and (2)(a) – special category data - processed for reasons of substantial public interest under the laws that applies to us (see above)

We have a Data Protection Policy that sets out how this information will be handled.

Data Processor - OVO(S) Energy Solutions Limited processes personal information on our behalf in accordance with our written instructions.

Data sharing - we may share with and receive personal information from our partner organisations (OVO, SGN, Dover District Council and other participating authorities), our energy data specialist (or qualified supplier) in accordance with an information sharing agreement made pursuant to the Code of Practice for public authorities disclosing information under Chapters 1, 3 and 4 (Public Service Delivery, Debt and Fraud) of Part 5 of the Digital Economy Act 2017.

We may rely on a number of exemptions, which allow us to share information without needing to comply with all the rights and obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018. Please refer to the Kent and Medway Information Agreement for further details on our sharing arrangements.

Retention period - we keep your personal information for the minimum period necessary. The information outlined in this Privacy Notice will be kept for 7 years after the last action. All information will be held securely and disposed of confidentially.

Anonymisation - your personal information may be converted ('anonymised') into statistical or aggregated data in such a way that ensures that you cannot be identified from it. Aggregated data cannot, by definition, be linked back to you as an individual and may be used to conduct research and analysis, including the preparation of statistics for use in our reports. Anonymised data may be shared with relevant government departments pursuant to section 217 of the Housing Act 2004.

Right to object - where processing your personal information is required for the performance of a public interest task (see our lawful basis above), you have the right to object on ‘grounds relating to your particular situation’. We will have to demonstrate why it is appropriate for us to continue to use your personal data.

Changes to this Privacy Notice - we review this Privacy Notice regularly and will place updates on our website.

Please refer to our Corporate Privacy Notice for further details of how we process your personal information and your rights.

Other relevant information:

OVO (S) Energy Solutions Ltd Privacy Notice

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