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Household refuse collection:

Please note missed collections have to be reported within 48 hours of the collection day in order for our contractors to return to empty.

All domestic properties in the borough receive a weekly refuse collection service, provided by our licensed contractor Urbaser who took over from Amey on 1/7/2019 . All properties have been supplied with a green wheeled bin, except where access issues do not permit this or in the circumstance of flats where a shared communal bin is provided for residents to use.

Green bins or black sacks (up to four) should be left at the front boundary of the property by 6am on the day of collection. For elderly or disabled residents an alternative collection point can be agreed.

The collection service does not cover removal of building materials, bulky items such as furniture, hazardous waste, soil or garden waste. The council is no longer permitted to accept garden waste as household refuse, please see further information on our garden waste webpage. If any such items are found to be in your bin, it will be seen as contaminated and our contractors will place a sticker on your bin to explain why it hasn't been emptied.

Please wrap sharp kitchen utensils in some sort of packaging before placing in your refuse bin.

Wheeled bins:

Only one standard size (180 litre) green bin will be collected per household.

If green bins become broken through wear and tear a replacement will be provided free of charge. If your bin goes missing, you may be asked to pay for a replacement. New properties should be provided with a wheeled bin by the developer or management company, alternatively one can be purchased from the Council at a cost of £43.50 including VAT. A new bin can be ordered here or alternatively, you can call our customer services on 01322 343290.

Smaller or larger bins may be available in exceptional circumstances at the Councils discretion.