Name: Mobile Food Venders and Street Trading
Description: Mobile Food Venders and Street Trading

Mobile Food Venders and Street Trading

Do mobile food vendors need to register as a food business?

A non-permanent market stall is required to register with the Local Authority in which its food stock is ordinarily kept.

Mobile food establishments
A mobile food establishment is required to register with the Local Authority in which it is ordinarily kept overnight or returns to between trading (eg: this could be at the private house of the owner of a van or a separate lock up).

Mobile food business with multiple units
If you have more than one mobile establishment please seek advice from the Food Safety Team as to whether each should be registered separately or as one single establishment.  Generally if you own several mobile units selling a variety of different foodstuffs each of which is separately managed and each has distinctly separate HACCP-based procedures, each mobile unit should be registered separately.

Will I be inspected?

Your establishment will be inspected to ensure compliance with food safety legislation by the Local Authority you are registered with.  You may also be inspected whist you are trading.  If you trade in a different area, copies of any inspection reports will be sent to the Local Authority you are registered with.

Will I receive a Food Hygiene Rating?

Yes.  Click here for details on the scheme.

The rating will generally be given by the Local Authority you are registered with. They will also consider any information supplied by other Local Authorities who have inspected the establishment when determining the rating.

In some circumstances the Local Authority inspecting the establishment may be responsible for issuing the rating eg: where a mobile trader is registered with a Local Authority but never trades within that authority’s area but trades exclusively or predominantly in another authority’s area.  In these cases a formal arrangement is made and you will be advised which authority will be responsible for issuing and publishing your rating.

Where can I trade?

The Environmental Health Department do not give permission to trade on specific pitches/areas.

Trading on private land - you need to seek the permission of the landowner and you are advised to speak with the planning department.
Trading on the highway
- there are certain streets in the Borough which you cannot trade on, see the list of prohibited streets PDF, 121.6 KB.  If you wish to trade on a major road we suggest you seek advice from the Highway Agency.
Trading on the Thursday or Saturday Dartford Market or the Farmers Market - click here for further information.

Further Information

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Last Updated: 19th September 2020